on writing (vol. christen, foreword)

I was tasked to read Stephen King’s On Writing for my Creative Writing class, and it’s been a very enjoyable read. But I haven’t finished it. I’ve actually taken a break from reading it.

Ironically, it’s because I’m pulling a Stephen.

When Stephen was in the first grade, he spent most of his time “copying” comics word-for-word into a notebook, and then replacing certain parts of the stories with what he felt would go better. He was basically creating his own version of the stories. Though these versions were not entirely his, they did feature that special Stephen King touch.

Stephen’s On Writing consists mainly of stories. But not fictional ones, like the ones he is known for today. These stories are his background stories, his make-up stories, the ones that shaped him into the writer he is today. People ask him all the time what events led up to his becoming a writer. He answered them with On Writing.

So I’m pulling a Stephen. I’m going to build on his idea of answering the famous “what made you a writer?” question by putting together all of my background stories, my make-up stories, the ones that shaped me into the writer I am today. Although I’m not as great a writer as Stephen is, I’m trying to be. So I’m going to build on his foundation and make it my own. The idea of compiling background stories to show how I’ve taken on my role in this world as a writer like Stephen does in On Writing is not mine, but these stories will feature that special Christen Dimalanta touch.

So let’s get started.

But first, give me a day or two. If this project is going to have that Christen Dimalanta touch, then it’s going to be given sporadically. A little bit scattered.

Like me.